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We always provide the better choice for you.
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About Us  

Soontai - Your Reliable IoT Partner

we always provide a superb choice for you

IoT team in Soontai was established in Tainan Yongkang Industrial Park in 2015. We are engaged in research, design, manufacture, and sales of anything related to IoT(Internet of Things). We have a strong and experienced R&D team specialized in mechanical, hardware, and software engineering, especially devoted to software research and development, which is the major key to IoT.

We provide: End to end IoT total solution OEM/ ODM services Smart tracking System for Family Safety, Long Term Care, Enterprise, and Logistics Management Smart Medicare Application with Sensor Fusion Enhancement

Soontai aims to provide integrated service and develop strategic partnership with our customers and suppliers and co-work in approaching target markets and also creating win-win advantage for both.

We are the better choice for you. You can count on Soontai as your reliable IoT partner.


  Company Profile  
  Established : MAR 13, 1995 (inaugurated in Feb. 1994)  
  Address : No.43, Huangong Rd., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City 710, Taiwan
  Tel: 886-6-2016969    Fax: 886-6-2013939
  Web Site :
  E-mail :
  Employees : Approx. 120
  Company Area : Approx. 3,636 m2
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